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Hi again!  I’m Melissa Combs, a quirky Mid-westerner and the mixed media artist behind the collages you find here.

Creativity and originality have always been central to my life.  Throughout the years, art has helped to heal my biggest disappointments and toughest challenges as well as express my truest joy!   Art makes me feel alive and at peace all at once.  It makes me feel more "whole"-more like ME, MLC!

Self-expression via art allows for my authenticity - to feel it & to share it.  However, it wasn’t until recently I decided that SHARING with a larger audience (instead of just my family!) would help me step away from my comfort zone.  Putting my art out for view is THE most vulnerable, authentic and brave way for me to show up in the world.  I hope that sharing myself through my creative work will encourage others to live their own authenticity.  

Below, you can read insights and tidbits about me & my artistic journey!  And, if you want to hear more, I'll be sharing in my email newsletter, Top Layer.

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 I have a frugal sensibility & a need to rescue + reinvent, which is why collage is the perfect medium for me.  I use found objects, collected bits & pieces of paper & paint, then I puzzle 'em together to form a more cohesive whole.  If it's not already tied down or glued on, ANY small treasure is fair game for me!

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I am 5'0" tall, so I understand's been the language of my life.  Sometimes, you just have to stick with what you know!  And, creating mini collages was the least intimidating and time-consuming way for me to start processing art again after my husband & I had a young family to care for.  Most of my collages are 8" x 10" or less, but I bet the scale changes at some point.  (I wish I could say that for my height - HA!)

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I rarely envision or know what the outcome will be when I create.  I love spontaneity, happy accidents and lots of intuition during my studio time!  Abstract art suits me because I can allow the process to unfold in a messy, fun & energetic way--it disallows my perfectionist tendencies.

"Every Which Way" collage (detail) by Melissa Combs

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I have many, but my 3 true loves are:
a high-school sweetheart of a husband + 2 kids I adore
(along with all the extendeds)
ART (obviously!)
HOME-Interior design
*Hint --Stay tuned to see how I grow my business to encompass my 3rd love!

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